How To Use Toe Warmers? Complete Guide And Best Tips

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I love doing winter activities outdoors, but I don’t like having cold extremities. Unfortunately, those two things often go together. Luckily, there are some options to keep your extremities warm while you ski, including toe warmers.

Toe warmers are small pouches that you activate then put in your boots to keep your toes warm. They usually come in pairs in a plastic wrapper. To activate them, you need to shake each pouch to mix the ingredients. Then, put them at the top or bottom of the toe portion of your shoe to keep your toes warm. Once activated, toe warmers usually last about 8 hours.

What are toe warmers?

Toe warmers are small pouches that you shake to activity, then place in your boots either above or beneath your toes, warming them throughout the day. They usually come in pairs and wrapped in plastic pouches and require activation by shaking them. They contain iron, which, when exposed to oxygen, begins to produce heat.

The best toe warmers

For the best toe warmers, hand warmers, and heated foot warmers, we recommend HotHands. HotHands toe warmers have an ultra-thin adhesive backing for easy application, are simple to activate, and will provide up to 8 hours of heat. They have a three-year shelf life. If you want a warmer for your entire foot, try HotHands insoles, which line the entire bottom of your foot.

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For other body warmers, try HotSnapz’s variety of warmers. These warmers do not last as long, but, unlike other warmers, they are rechargeable. Just add them to boiling water for 10-15 minutes to dissolve the crystals back to their original liquid state, and they’re ready for use again!

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Do toe warmers really work?

Toe warmers work very well. Toe warmers keep your toes warm for an extended period. They use an oxidation process that begins immediately after activation, which helps ensure that they warm up fast and stay warm for a prolonged period.

Where do toe warmers go?

Toe warmers typically go beneath your toes at the ball of your foot. Most toe warmers come with adhesive backing to keep them in place. Some people prefer to put their toe warmers at the top of their feet for more comfort. Make sure to use toe warmers only when wearing socks.

Where to put toe warmers in ski boots?

Toe warmers work best in heavy boots such as ski boots. Peel off the sticky back and put your toe warmers on top of your ski socks. Then place them in your boots on and head outside.

Once you’re done using them, you can dispose of your toe warmers by simply throwing them away in the trash.

How hot do toe warmers get?

Toe warmers can typically reach temperatures as high as 165 Fahrenheit.

Toe warmers don’t usually get as hot as hand warmers, and they don’t last as long either (hand warmers typically last 8-10 hours). However, they get hot enough to keep your toes warm. The more time they spend in the open air, the hotter that they will get, so if you want your toe warmers to achieve maximum warmth, leave them out for a little longer before putting them in your boot.

Are toe warmers safe?

Toe warmers are safe to use as long as you use them properly and take the right precautions.

Never put your toe warmers in direct contact with your skin, as they may cause burns in the extreme hold. If you feel like your toe warmers are getting too hot, remove them immediately.

Do not wear your toe warmers in shoes that are ventilated, such as running shoes, as the ventilation may cause the oxygen to continue to react with the iron, creating dangerous levels of heat in your shoe.

You also want to make sure to keep them away from small children and pets, as the iron in these pouches can be dangerous if ingested.

Why do toe warmers puff up and can they explode?

Toe warmers slightly expand as they heat up, and if they are out for too long, they may puff up. If you don’t want them to puff up too much, put them in your boots to stop the heating process.

It is unlikely but possible for some toe warmers to explode. Some may melt certain fabrics. Electric options have exploded in the past.

Chemical gel warmers have also exploded, but toe warmers usually work using iron oxidation, so they should not explode.

How long do toe warmers last?

Unless paused, toe warmers typically last around 5 to 8 hours, depending on the brand. After activation, the heat should continue to rise for the first 20 minutes. One pair should be sufficient for a day of outdoor activity.

Can you reuse toe warmers?

Toe warmers are for single-use, but there is a way to “pause” them. Place your activated toe warmers in an airtight plastic bag, and you can use them later on in the day.

Although it seems like most toe warmers are single-use, there are hand and body warmers, such as the HotSnapz, are reusable.

Toe warmers vs hand warmers

Toe and hand warmers are each specifically designed for different amounts of air exposure. Toe warmers are made for low air exposure levels. If you put them in your hands, they may get too hot quickly and burn out even quicker. Toe warmers can also be dangerous to your hands as they are not meant for direct contact with skin.

Likewise, hand warmers are bulky and unlikely to put in your boots, and there wouldn’t be enough air to make sure that they get warm enough. For best results, stick to using hand warmers on your hands and toe warmers on your toes.

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