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Do Bunion Correctors Work?

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Do Bunion Correctors WorkBunions can be painful and debilitating, affecting almost everything that you do in your daily life, including your knees. But surgical treatment can be just as debilitating, leaving you laid up in bed for weeks at a time, not to mention the pain and possible side effects, not to mention the expense!

You might have looked around at other options. Seen the variety of sleeves and pads available. Wondered to yourself, ‘Do bunion correctors work, and are they right for me?’

There’s a lot of options out there, some good, some bad. In this article, we’ll go over each type of bunion treatment, and what they can do for you.

Non surgical bunion treatment

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that bunions are untreatable without a trip to the podiatrist and surgery. But the good news is that caught early enough, you can take measures that prevent the problem from getting worse, as well as ease any pain that you might be feeling right now.

So if you’ve started developing bunions, it’s definitely worth looking at bunion protectors and correctors.

There are three major types of bunion corrector available on the market. Bunion pads, bunion sleeves, and toe separators.

All bunion protectors are designed to do several major things.

  • Protect the area around the bunion, relieving pressure and preventing the bunion from causing issues like rubbing of the skin or pain from excessive force on the area.
  • Straightening the toe back to its natural position, and attempting to prevent the joint misalignment that causes the bunion from getting worse.
  • Realigning the toe itself, making day to day life simpler. Bunions can cause issues with standing and walking, whether from pain or simply having a different way to standing. By straightening your toe back into a more natural position, it becomes easier for you to live your day to day life.  

We’ll be going into more detail about each of these below.

Bunion pads

A bunion pad is a small fabric protector that is designed to sit on the bunion itself and around your big toe and metatarsophalangeal joint, (MTP joint,) reducing the pressure and pain you might feel from wearing restrictive footwear.

Bunion pads are designed to be thin and non-restrictive, which means that they should be comfortable to wear in any sort of shoes. This is definitely something to bear in mind. If you wear a bunion pad and it increases the pressure on your foot or causes you any discomfort whilst wearing it, remove it immediately.

Bunion sleeves

A bunion sleeve is, in essence, a big bunion pad.

As opposed to a bunion pad, which is a small fabric sleeve that fits over and around your big toe and toe joint, a bunion sleeve covers almost your entire foot, like a sock.

Because they cover more of your foot, bunion sleeves can provide that much more support and help to realign your foot more easily. But they can be that much more restrictive and are a lot hotter to wear.

Sleeves are also a lot less discrete, but they are much less likely to fall off or need adjusting throughout the day.

Toe separators

Whilst toe separators aren’t designed for specific bunion use, they are a useful addition to the treatment of anyone with a bunion.

Depending on the type, toe separators can either be used throughout the day, like all other products on this list, as well as types designed to be used as a therapeutic measure in the home, as a daily practice.

A lot of bunion sleeves and bunion pads have toe separators built in, so toe separators aren’t something that everyone who suffers from bunions will need, but they’re great if you generally wear a sleeve and want to take it off when you get home, you wear smaller shoes or flip flops, or your bunions aren’t too severe.

Bunion correction without surgery

Whilst bunions can never be completely cured without surgery, regular use of bunion sleeves or bunion pads can make a huge difference in your day to day life.

Using a product like these can relieve pressure, make it simpler to perform day to day tasks, and alleviate the pain you might be feeling. If you do choose surgery, then you need to know how to recover safely from bunion foot surgery.

So, Do Bunion Correctors Work?

If you’ve just found out you have a bunion, consider the options and try one of the above varieties of bunion product, sooner rather than later. The quicker you make the change, the better it should be for you and your life. So now that you know the answer to the question, ‘Do bunion correctors work?’, are you ready to use them yourself?

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