Are Clogs Good For Your Feet? Hint: Everyone Certainly Needs A Pair!

are clogs good for your feet?

We’ve all seen clogs, even if it’s just a snatched glance at someone wearing them in a queue in front of us. You might have wondered ‘Why are they wearing those?’ Well, it’s simple. A well-made, well-fitted pair of clogs is one of the single best things you can put on your feet. For something so simple, they’re so comfortable it’s almost unreal, and the benefits they can have for your feet are enormous. So what are clogs, and why are clogs good for your feet? Read on to find out.

What Are Clogs?

Why Are Clogs Good For Your Feet?

Clogs are a traditional shoe normally made from wood with a really thick sole. They’re used as protective footwear by people all over the world and used by people who have long, difficult workdays, for example, people who work on farms or in mines.

The Origin of Clogs

Clogs originally come from Europe. Although no one knows exactly who first invented them, examples have been found that go as far back as the ancient Roman centurions who conquered England!

Over time, the use of clogs spread across the entirety of Europe, and different cultures all found different ways to make their own clogs. But the basic design stayed the same. Most probably because it’s so effective and comfortable.

On top of this, cultures as far removed as Japan and Indonesia independently came up with the same design.

Clogs Today

For the modern person, clogs came back into fashion in the 1970s. There have been several resurgences over the years. When people started to realize just how comfortable and effective a good pair of clogs are, and the amazing effect they can have on foot health, posture, and overall joint health, they were widely adopted.

Now clogs are everywhere. As we said, they’re a recommended footwear for nurses and other health professionals, they’re made by fashion houses all over the world, and companies compete with avant-garde designs and revolutionary changes. But you just can’t change a good thing.

Today, clogs are seen as a fashion accessory, as well as being a shoe with a host of benefits on foot and joint health. In fact, Crocs, the foam shoe that was all the rage just a few years back, are basically foam clogs.

Traditionally, clogs are made entirely from wood, so they would have zero flexibility. Today, clogs can be made with just a wooden sole or even no wood at all. Most clogs you’ll find, especially higher-end brands, will have a synthetic or leather upper, which gives far more flexibility and comfort with the exact same joint and foot benefits.

Even though the design is hundreds of years old, the application of clogs as a work shoe still holds. In fact, a lot of medical professionals, including nurses wear clogs because they provide excellent foot stability over long hours of standing up, which is great for minimizing foot, ankle, back, and knee pain.

So why are Clogs good for your feet?

A good pair of clogs are incredibly comfortable because their design will incorporate everything that a good pair of shoes should have. When you wear a good pair of clogs, you will be supporting your foot in every way it needs to. Too many shoes today place stresses on joints and tendons we were never supposed to deal with, and over time this creates long term damage to your feet.

When you’re looking for a good pair of clogs, you’re going to look for a shoe with;

  • A small heel. Experts say that a heel height of between 1 and 1’1/2 inches is the best height to support the foot. This is the angle that feels most natural for our bodies and provides the most long term support when we’re up on our feet and walking around.
  • Soles with arch support. Weak arches are something that plagues modern life, especially since we’re not on our feet anywhere near as much as we were designed to be. A lot of modern shoes, especially things like heels, can make this worse. (I’m sure you’ve felt the strain in your feet after a long day, or night, in high heels.)
  • Tight, comfortable upper sections. Because clogs are slip-on shoes, you’re going to want them to be as tight as is comfortable, without putting pressure on any part of your foot or cutting off circulation. A good, tight pair of clogs will straighten the spine, support foot rigidity, and exercise the calf muscles with every step you take.

Where Can I Get Them?

Clogs are, and always will be the same design. There’s a reason the design has lasted so long without changing, and when you buy your first pair of clog shoes and slip them on, you’ll understand just why they come so heavily recommended.

These are the highest-rated clogs on Amazon right now

You can buy clog type shoes almost anywhere. Most high street stores will have some clog inspired shoes. Plus, a quick search online will bring up huge amounts of clogs of all types, from shoes designed for workwear to foot health to dealing with specific joint problems.


So why would you wait? There’s no downside. Why are clogs good for your feet? It’s simple. Clogs are great for posture, good for joint health, incredibly comfortable, and can even make walking fun. Grab yourself a pair as soon as you can, slip them on, feel the comfort, and join the clog revolution. Also if you’re a healthcare professional be sure to check out our Best Crocs for Nurses and Healthcare Workers guide.

Do you own a pair of clogs? Any stories to tell or examples of how they’ve helped your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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