How to keep your feet dry

6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Feet Dry

Sweaty feet can cause major issues, including making your feet smell bad enough that you are almost embarrassed to take off your shoes, as well as just feeling disgusting.

But some people, no matter what they do, just seem to sweat through their feet. Well, after reading our article, you will know exactly how to keep your feet dry, and how to stop sweaty feet forever.

Why would I want to keep my feet dry?

Wet, sweaty feet can cause multiple problems, from the relatively inoffensive problem of slightly smelly feet, all the way up to blisters, warts, and even full-on fungal nail and skin problems.

As well as this, sweating into your shoes over and over can cause them to degenerate faster, costing you money in the long-term, not to mention going through your day with damp, sweaty feet is overall just a miserable, demoralizing experience. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to keep your feet dry throughout the day.

How to keep sweaty feet dry

Wear socks

A great pair of socks can make a huge difference in whether your feet sweat or not. Cotton helps to wick away sweat, leaving your feet dryer, and a good pair of socks will also let your feet breathe.

Make sure that your socks are cleaned and dry every day. If you have issues with smelly feet, you can also buy antibacterial socks that help to fight the problem.

Change your shoes

When you wear the same pair of footwear day after day, the sweat from your feet soaks into them, and you might not be giving them a chance to dry out completely.

If possible, have two or three pairs of shoes that you wear on a rotating basis, so each pair of shoes dries out properly before you wear them again. And when you get in, take your shoes off. It helps to let your feet breathe.

You can also leave your shoes in the boiler cupboard or underneath a radiator to dry them out if you have to. But if they are already sweaty, this can make them smell worst, so it might not be ideal.  

Look after your feet

Make sure that you are cleaning your feet properly, and drying them correctly when you are done, especially between your toes, which can be a harbor for both moisture and bacteria.

It is also a good plan to look after your feet in other ways. Hard skin retains moisture for much longer than normal, healthy skin, so if you are struggling with wet feet and you’ve got hard skin patches, that could be a contributing factor. 

Buffing thick skin patches away, cleaning and trimming your nails, and just generally caring for your feet can go a long way in deterring them from excessively sweating.

Use a medicated foot powder for sweaty feet

Treat your feet after cleaning them correctly, and you can also add some powder to your shoes to help fight the problem.

If you don’t want to use medicines, then baking soda, cayenne powder, cornstarch, and arrowroot powder are great alternatives.  

Use a foot bath

Foot baths are another thing you can do at home, and it can make your feet far healthier as it can help stop them from sweating so damn much.

Either add apple cider vinegar to a foot bath at a one to two concentration of cider to water or add four or five tea bags to a foot bath and leave your feet to rest in it.

Remember, you need to dry them correctly when done!

Use an antiperspirant

Proviso: Be careful with this, because some antiperspirants can make the problem worse by preventing your feet from breathing correctly.

But if you need to stop your feet sweating in a hurry, and need a quick fix, a quick spritz of an antiperspirant could make a huge difference.

How to Keep Your Feet Dry: Follow Those Steps

By following these tips, hopefully, you should have perfectly dry, contented feet within days. And when you find out what works for you, make sure you come back here and spread the love in our comments so that other people can solve their problems just as fast. Knowledge is power after all.