These are 10 of the best work boots for Men and Women right now

Finding the right work-wear can make all the difference to your comfort while carrying out your role, but with so many options out there it can be tricky to choose the best work boots for you. A tough, durable, and comfortable boot is crucial to keep you on your feet for long periods of time without pain or harm from environmental hazards or falling objects.

That’s why we have put together this buyer’s guide to help you decide on the best work boots to meet your needs.


TL;DR – These are our picks for the best work boots;


For Men:


Best Overall: Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Tactical Boot

Timberland Pro Men’s Steel-Toe Boot

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

Kingshow Men’s 1366 Premium Work Boots

Kingshow Men’s Waterproof Leather Boots


For Women:


Best Overall: Maelstrom Women’s TAC Force Work Boot

SafetyGirl Steel Toe Work Boots

Timberland Women’s 6” Premium Boot

Timberland Women’s Nellie Ankle Boot

Forever Broadway Platform Boots


A few considerations


If you’re looking to buy work boots, it’s important you think about the activities you need them for before choosing which ones you get. Some prioritize comfort, whereas others prioritize functionality, so the better an idea you have of what you need them for, the more likely you will be to get the perfect product.

Steel toes are important if you work in areas where large objects could roll or fall onto your feet, and you’ll need outsoles with great grip if you’re going to be outdoors in varying weather. You should also consider getting orthotic insoles for your work boots to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while working. Prices for boots vary wildly too. You can get a great pair of boots for a low price, but if you’re willing to spend more you’ll get a far more durable and reliable product.


Best Work Boots For Men


Timberland Pro Men’s Steel-Toe Boot

  • Made from leather
  • ​Slip-abrasion and oil resistant coating
  • ​Antimicrobial cover
  • ​1.5” heel
  • ​Available in three colors
  • Steel toe

Timberland has designed this work boot to be safe, tough, and resilient to ensure your feet are well protected in unforgiving environments. There are some great features to this boot that makes it withstand virtually anything you could put it through.

The steel toe of this boot adheres to ANSI safety standards, and the rubber outsole is designed to keep you sturdy by being slip, oil, and abrasion resistant. They have designed more room for your toes in this boot to help maintain comfort when working for long periods of time; added traction grip to allow work on slippery surfaces; and electronic hazard protection that will enable you to work near circuits without any concerns.


Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

  • Made from DWR treated leather
  • ​Rubber sole
  • ​Anti-microbial sock liner
  • ​Ankle-high shaft

These boots from Under Armour are designed to be light, breathable, and practical to allow you to do tough jobs without risking the comfort and safety of your feet.

The boot is lightweight and has a reinforced shank to add protection and support. This makes it a great boot if you work up ladders, for example, but the lack of steel toes may not make it suitable for you if you perform particularly intensive tasks.

They are designed to be rigid without limiting movement. They are not insulated but have been treated with a water-resistant coating so water doesn’t get absorbed. This means they can be used in a wide variety of environments whether it is wet and snowy where the water resistance is useful, or hot and sunny when the open, breathable design ensures you stay comfortable.


Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Tactical Boot

  • Made from leather and fabric
  • ​Slip-resistant outsole
  • ​Shock-absorbent cushion insert
  • ​Breathable lining
  • Side zipper

These boots from Maelstrom are designed to be lightweight and breathable with a heavy-duty side zipper to make them extremely easy to put on and take off. They have a slip-resistant outsole, a moisture-wicking lining, padded collar, and a shock-absorbent cushion insert.

This is a tactical boot that is specifically made for those who work within law enforcement or with tactical roles but would be suitable for anyone else. Your feet are kept dry by the water-resistant leather and nylon construction, and the outsole is also designed to help you in varying situations by giving you a great deal of traction to keep you stable on wet or slippery surfaces.


Kingshow Men’s 1366 Premium Work Boots

  • Insulated
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Soft toe
  • ​Oil resistant
  • Made from Nubuck leather

If you are looking for a low-cost pair of work boots, these ones from Kingshow are worth a look. They are made from Nubuck leather, covered in a water-resistant coating, and have an oil-resistant outsole to keep you sturdy in slippery conditions.

This soft-toed boot is designed for lighter use, so if you work in extreme environments you might want to find something a lot more durable. If not, though, this boot should provide you the strength and sturdiness you need in most situations. The boots are insulated and waterproofed to keep your feet warm and dry in light rain or wet conditions and are very comfortable as a result of the Nubuck leather they are made from.

It’s worth noting that they may not be as durable as our other picks.


Kingshow Men’s Waterproof Leather Boots

  • Made from waterproof leather
  • ​Duck boot toe
  • ​Heavy-duty rubber outsole
  • ​Insulated for cold temperatures
  • Comfortable design

This boot from Kingshow is designed to be rigid, tough, and durable in cold conditions. It promises to keep your feet warm and dry and give you a great grip as you work outside in slippery conditions.

This is achieved by the combination of leather and synthetic material for its construction. The leather used is 100% waterproof to ensure dryness, and the outsole is made from tough rubber with an anti-slip grip design.

All of this comes at a very low price so if you aren’t looking to spend too much for a durable boot it’s worth your consideration. With this lower price comes a lower level of durability however, and these boots may not withstand intensive uses.


Best Work Boots For Women


SafetyGirl Steel Toe Work Boots

  • Made from Nubuck leather
  • ​Waterproof membrane to keep feet dry
  • ​Steel toe
  • ​Durable laces

These boots from SafetyGirl have steel toes, a rubber outsole, and are made from Nubuck leather with a waterproof membrane. If that wasn’t enough, they are pink, so you’re sure to stand out on the worksite while wearing them.

These boots have steel toes to keep your feet protected from falling or rolling objects, and they keep your feet dry by featuring a waterproof membrane. The leather upper and rubber outsole ensure that the boots are sturdy in tough environments, and the laces are durable and easy to quickly fasten.


Timberland Women’s 6” Premium Boot

  • Made from waterproof leather
  • ​Rustproof eyelets
  • ​Heavily padded collar
  • ​Anti-fatigue comfort technology
  • Provides traction on wet surfaces

These boots from Timberland provide you with everything you would expect from a leading brand, which focuses on comfort and durability being at the fore of the design process. They are made from leather, with a synthetic sole, have rugged outsoles to give traction across all surfaces, and have an EVA midsole to provide all-day comfort.

These are incredibly durable boots that will protect your feet in virtually all scenarios. If you are looking for a pair of top of the range boots that are tough and comfortable, these are a great choice to think about.


Timberland Women’s Nellie Ankle Boot

  • Made from leather
  • ​Padded collar
  • ​Rust-resistant eyelets
  • ​EVA cushioned midsole
  • Stylish design

With these boots, Timberland has designed a sturdy, durable product while remaining stylish and comfortable. They are made from tough leather, have a strong rubber outsole, are fully waterproof and have anti-fatigue midsoles and removable foot-beds.

If you are looking for an all-purpose product that can be worn at all times while providing that extra sturdiness when activities require, then these boots could be exactly what you need. They come in a great design that matches well with any outfit and is certain to keep your feet warm and dry through any conditions.


Maelstrom Women’s TAC Force Work Boot

  • Made from leather and fabric
  • ​Slip and oil-resistant rubber outsole
  • ​Breathable lining
  • ​Removable cushion insert
  • Padded tongue

These boots from Maelstrom have been designed to be lightweight and durable while being comfortable and not affecting your movement. They are designed for law enforcement and tactical uses, so they will also be great for any outdoor needs that require great performance.

I like the way they have a side zipper that makes them very easy to put on and take off. They are very comfortable, with a padded tongue and a shock-absorbing insole that provides support through high impact activities. The lining is breathable, moisture-wicking, and is treated to be antibacterial.

If you are looking for rugged, comfortable, and lightweight boots, these are well worth your consideration.


Forever Broadway Platform Boots

  • Made from synthetic materials
  • ​Padded collar for comfort
  • ​Military Martin boots
  • ​Faux fur lined interior
  • Lace-up closure

If you are looking for a low priced, basic boot, then this is worth looking at. It is made from faux nubuck leather, has a cushioned collar, a faux fur lined interior, and a lace-up front with metal grommets.

These boots are comfortable to wear with the faux fur interior, which also ensures your feet are kept warm in cold environments. While they aren’t waterproof upon purchase, they are suitable to be treated with a waterproof coating if that’s what you need.

The outsole is made from non-slip rubber to keep you stable in any situation, and have a stylish design- so they will look good with anything.

These come in at a low price, so if it’s something cheap and cheerful you’re after, these are a great choice.




If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time or in tough environments, your choice of footwear is crucial to keeping you comfortable and effective. There’s a wide range of options available, depending on your needs, so it is worth looking around through the various products.

Our choice for the best work boots for men is the Maelstrom TAC force work boots and the Maelstrom Tac force work boots as the best shoes for work for women. They are designed to be sturdy and durable while allowing you to move quickly and in comfort.

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